Why the Uganda Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi is a Criminal

Amama Mbabazi
Due to the lack of original analytic skills, the Uganda press and its subsidiary of propagandist, have created a frenzy of a power struggle between the NRM criminal cartel. Because Ugandans most of the time, just copy and paste without analysing that information. Now the criminals have put them where they wanted-make them believe that NRM has a democratic process to allow dissenters to canvass for leadership among themselves.

Amama Mbabazi
Sometimes you wonder why Uganda politicians and their spouses are always taking our people for fools: their Wives,Children,Girlfriends and extended families, have got into the habit of imposing their cronyism on Uganda’s political landscape. What is so amusing, is the support and sympathy they tend to get from opportunistic, political opposition fraternity when they’re sinking to the cesspool.
As always, political lapdogs like Kizza Besigye have spotted an imaginary window of opportunity that can be exploited and used to parachute his fat red lips to the Ugandan presidency-that’s why he now sees Criminal Amama Mbabazi as a voice of freedom and reason.
It amazes me when fools like Kizza Besigye continue to carry the title of Doctor when they lack basic commonsense.
These are the type of people the Ugandan youth should keep away from, as they don’t inspire,think logically nor have a vision to transform society for the better, but power hungry. However, we should not blame him as his part of the curse that befell Uganda and the great lakes region originating from Luwero Killing fields.
Amama Mbabazi

The one thing that disturbs me most, is the chronic thieving nature of Amama Mbabazi, apart from being a thief and a career parasite on Ugandans, what use is he to the people of Uganda?? This is a cheap fellow that has no shame to try and sell milk on twitter because someone has claimed to be an investor in Milk-not mentioning his corrupt wife-Jacqueline Mbabazi that brought down the Army enterprise when she was Luweero Industries general manager.

Amama MbabaziAt the time,trading under Luweero Industries Limited, a subsidiary of the National Enterprises Corporation (NEC), they repaired and also sold small arms to private companies as well as exporting the bullets to neighboring countries. The company also fabricated  armored cars(Kiwani style) which were later sold to the Ministry of Defence. At the time, an AK47 gun at the factory cost about US$150. Thus,the factory could produce up to 20 lots, each lot consisting of 12 huge boxes of ammunition. Each bullet was said to cost about US$6 depending on the gun category. You can now understand why the region is flooded with small arms and mostly in the hands of criminals.

Amama MbabaziWhat is so amusing, the National Enterprises Corporation was formed by an Act of Parliament in 1995 to produce goods for the army. However,in a typical micro management style of the Museveni and Mabazi family,Other companies under NEC included NEC Lime (Dura), NEC pharmaceutical, NEC Katonga Farm and UPDF Tailoring Unit. At the end of the day, the Enterprise became bankrupt with no financial management records to show.

The Nakasongola factory also used to repair and supply arms to the Rwanda armed forces before the two countries. fought over Gold and diamond in Kisangani,Congo RDC. How about her employment with the notorious State Research Bureau of Idi Amin Dada,when she would use her status as a telephone operator, to feed Amama Mbabazi with names of people to liquidate and yes the two are responsible for many deaths in Uganda from the 1970s to the present day.

Apparently the Muderous and thieving Whore is now Criminal Yoweri Museveni’s special adviser on special duties. What a bunch of criminals!!!
Yoweri MuseveniThe political scene in Uganda is now being pampered by all sorts of opportunistic individuals that have only one agenda: Steal,Divide Ugandans,Confuse Ugandans,Enslave Ugandans,Kill Ugandans,Grab land and property, Spread diseases,Turn Neighbouring Countries against Ugandans and bring Uganda to its knees.

But what the scumbags have failed to realise, is that Ugandans are very resilient, and Uganda has always been there and they’ll leave it behind but very bruised-Many of them will end up in ICC or similar institutions to answer for crimes against Humanity.

Amama MbabaziThe destruction of Uganda has been caused mainly by two families. Thus,everything in Uganda is in the hands of two criminal families; Museveni’s and Mbabazi’s, meaning Uganda is now a booty between two parasitic families.

Amama MbabaziWhat Ugandans should understand, is the nature of these criminals-apart from Jacline Mbabazi, who else has been appointed to advise criminal Museveni on special duties?? How can we forget the personalisation of Uganda Revenue authority by Jacqueline Mbabazi ,when she was the customs commissioner, when she issued circulars to border post custom officials to not tax and let contra-band goods into the republic of Uganda, because she could do it.

Amama MbabaziThus, the nation ends up raring parasites that see anything as collateral damage and should be stolen by any means necessary. When people are brought-up in such environment, the need to see and fight state criminal parasites becomes impossible as they’re part and parcel of that dodgy life-line.

What is so sad, is when security operatives impose themselves on Ugandans as Journalists and Human rights activists and later at night they retire to bed with the dictatorship of both Uganda and Rwanda.

The worst thing that can happen to a people is to be enslaved by a ruthless,arrogant and backward autocrat like Yoweri Museveni. The thug  just kills people,imprisons them and then steals the little they have.

Yoweri MuseveniWhat I’ve heard from some circles of Ugandans, especially the twasoma(elite) is indeed- they feel the pain but are waiting for outsiders to come and rescue them. Very wrong…..outsiders can only come on your side when they see that you’re also doing something and not just fantasies. The Liberation for Uganda should be today and not tomorrow as time is not on our side.

Amama MbabaziThose criminals running Uganda are the best cowards and that’s why they’re always surrounded with guns for protection-its only cowards like them that will find the first exit when the people rise-up. What Ugandans should understand is that, the army is also suffering like the rest of Ugandans and its just a clique of few criminals that are using and giving them a bad name.


2 thoughts on “Why the Uganda Prime Minister, Amama Mbabazi is a Criminal

  1. The Mbabazi Family is a bunch of Traitors, mafias and selfish schemers

    While it’s been a while now, when I last took off time to reflect on the happenings within my party NRM, the actions of the Prime Minister and his family have captured my attention of late. I would like to right away counsel my dear sister Jacqueline that what goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. Even the bible tells us that when you kill by the sword you will die by the same sword.

    I am very happy that Jacqueline and perhaps her husband are beginning to reap from their very own dirty handworks of misusing intelligence structures to engineer and doctor maligning reports against their opponents (real and perceived) to the President. For her to cry foul of how the President was getting doctored intelligence reports and recordings against their alleged clandestine mobilisation against him, was the most interesting of all, and it exposed their extreme hypocrisy.

    Why call them doctored now, yet the same were used not many years ago, by her husband’s security apparatus, to malign some of us and falsely tell of how we were mobilising Baganda army officers, Cardinal, clergy and entire Catholic flock to build power bases against the President? At least, in their case I am made to learn (as per media reports) that the President played for them recordings with their own voices that they couldn’t deny, unlike in my situation where there was absolutely nothing.

    I will never forget a scenario when Hon Mbabazi and her sister in-law Hope Mwesigye unfairly and without shame, accused me before the President with purely made up stories.
    That while on my prosperity for all tours in Kigezi, in my capacity as Vice President, I only visited homesteads of Catholics and that I was sleeping at the catholic bishop’s residence for night political campaign meetings.
    I watched in utmost disbelief, Hon Hope Mwesigye and Hon Mbabazi both boldly tell blatant and cooked up lies to the President in my presence. Fortunately, President Museveni listens and does so patiently without panic and emotion. Otherwise, he would have sealed off my fate there and then as a treason suspect.

    I challenged them to produce evidence of their allegations, but they had nothing. It was only their word against mine. My only final response to the President was that “Your Excellency use your intelligence machinery including the PGB soldiers you gave me as guards and with whom I moved with to Kigezi, to know where I went, which families I visited and which place I stayed”.
    The farmers I had visited and which had been chosen by my staff and the district NAADS leaders in Kigezi were not only catholic. Hon Chris Baryomunsi and Hon David Bahati could bear me witness as some of the area leaders we had there. And while in Kabale, I spent a night at a hotel called white horse inn and not the catholic bishop residence.

    To the contrary, while in Kanungu I stayed at the lodge, I am told is owned by the protestant Bishop. You can’t imagine national leaders fabricating stories and feeding them to the Head of State, Fountain of Honour and Commander-in-Chief for their own selfish agenda. I was, however, not disappointed by the conduct of Hon Mbabazi and his sister in-law given their previous consistent schemes against me right from the time I was elected Chair of the Movement Caucus in Parliament and eventual appointment as Vice President. They did everything possible to undermine and portray me as a traitor and sell-out to the appointing authority. They hired boys to Abuse me on the many fm radios so as to discredit my political work and profile.

    I was indeed a project for them over the years. My only disappointment with the President, however, has always been, why choose to believe one group of people and fail to discern their dirty schemes against others they target to tarnish and thus edge them out of the system for them to enjoy unlimited political space and favour, as the President faces more isolation from his old time comrades?

    It is, therefore, not surprising, that after having successfully maligned others and pushed them far, they are now targeting the man himself. May be one can say; good for you Mr President. Traitors, mafias and selfish schemers have no genuine friendship. They will always do anything; including targeting even those that built and mentored them.

    They can even target and finish off their own biological parents so long as it works for their mission of the time. Therefore, the fascism that Jacqueline Mbabazi cries of now, was and has never been a founding principle of this mass liberation party called NRM. Otherwise some of us wouldn’t have left our good academic career jobs to come and serve under it. Openness and working for public interest above self were among those great fundamental principles of the NRM that endeared some of us to join President Museveni.

    It was therefore the Mbabazis and their type that slowly introduced those “fascist and mafia” like tendencies in the party for selfish political gain. I must confess though, that my disagreement with President Museveni and the entire NRM party of late has never been on the leadership style of the leader Museveni, but rather on his and the party’s failure to resist selfish schemers, who want to feel good victors all the time as others get trodden down. Treating all members of the party equally and giving them equal attention is the issue.

    I was in prison not because that I had stolen any penny. But because someone wanted me there. He schemed and worked for it using Mr Raphael Baku the former IGG to take me to luzira and thus subdue me. This mission was well accomplished and someone was happy. This obviously was not the NRM spirit I knew of.

    True to this fact, the President openly then confessed publicly that indeed I had no case and he warned those using the anti corruption agencies to fight personal wars. He however, only talked about it and never made any body to account for it. Why was this not investigated as serious as it sounded?
    That is how indeed some of us got a feeling that in NRM there are those who are “special” children while others are “ordinary” children (Abaana n’ebyaana). I am however happy that time is slowly vindicating most of us and many others in NRM that share this frustration but without the courage to speak.

    I will not end this article perhaps without mentioning a word about this so much traded issue of a Secretary General not holding another office so as to concentrate on running the party work full time. I wonder why it’s even debated now when it was long resolved by the party National executive committee (NEC) at Entebbe state house in 2010 just days to the NRM national delegates’ conference.

    It’s wrong to give an impression that it’s now a new subject being brought out for discussion by the NRM parliamentary caucus. Not at all. NEC resolved that whoever becomes Secretary General shall not hold any other political job in government save for being a minister without portfolio. It was exhaustively debated and eventually passed at that late evening state house NEC meeting of around October 2010.

    Personally, I offered myself to run as Secretary General well aware that I was doing so at the risk of losing my “big job” of Vice President (as my supporters called it). In fact I told some people who were convincing me to opt out of the race for Secretary General so as to keep my “my big number two” Job that it’s okay I was ready to become Secretary General of the party and forfeit other jobs for the sake of devoting my time and mobilization skills to the party. There was a general concern over the way the party was being handled with party structures totally neglected and only remembered during campaigns.

    I felt I could cure this if elected. All of us contenders for the Secretary General post knew that. I find it therefore once again hypocritical on the part of Hon Amama and his wife to claim that this was targeting Mbabazi as a person. That is totally false.
    They even admit that they indeed moved around the country clandestinely running a quiet campaign among the unsuspecting delegates of the party to resist the idea of removing Mbabazi from one of the posts he holds. So if that is not intrigue what then, is it?
    Their argument also that, how come other leaders of CEC like the President and Speaker hold other positions in the party is also misleading and its besides the point. The resolution of NEC that we passed in 2010 never talked about other positions.

    It was explicit and talked about the Secretary General position and this was for a reason. The work of the Secretary General according to the NRM party constitution is certainly not the same as that of the chairman or Vice chairman of the party. The Secretary General is indeed like the company secretary of any organization. He/she is full time and cannot be compared to the chairperson of the board, though indeed they are all members of the board.

    So why would Hon Mbabazi fully aware of all this fact send his wife (as he admits) to covertly undermine a resolution of NEC? And why wouldn’t this constitute an offense for the NRM disciplinary committee to look at? Then there is also this issue I hear about, Hon Mbabazi and his people brag so much about that he won as Secretary General at Nambole with a land slide.

    It’s indeed laughable. The fact that myself as well as Hon Otafire who contested for Secretary General then with him, chose not to speak against the shameful and glaring fraud at Nambole, didn’t mean all was well or even fair. Not at all. We chose to keep quiet, concede all that had taken place for the sake of our party and the circumstances of electioneering we were in. We didn’t want whatsoever to divide our supporters as we entered the general elections.

    We took a line that could unite us for a common and bigger cause than divide us at that moment.

    How can Hon Amama Mbabazi without shame then brag of a land slide in an election that was organized and directly manned by his daughter? Indeed he should have got 100% and beyond. Who would expect President Museveni or Kiiza Besigye to loose or perform poorly in an election organised by Muhoozi or Anslem respectively? Who doesn’t know that the polling register of the NRM delegates was and is still in the hands of Nina Mbabazi, the daughter of Hon Amaama Mbabazi? She accredited whoever she liked to Namboole and whose vote she was sure of.

    Yet again, Nina Mbabazi had and still has no legitimate position in the party. She is neither a member of CEC, NEC nor an appointed staff of the party. At least not to my knowledge.
    But she was in charge of the entire party national delegates’ conference with polling materials in her possession and control. If this is not abuse of office and outright impunity, what then is it?
    In fact If Hon Amaama Mbabazi had then even wanted to stand as party chairman against President Museveni; he was also going to “win” him with a big “land slide”.

    It was mockery all through. It is therefore not surprising that indeed Hon Amama Mbabazi and members of his family are once again scheming and conspiring for selfish advantage within NRM. They have been at it for long. What is only new now is that they have now targeted the person at the top that all along protected and pampered them most, as others became victims of their own actions.

    The question however, many Ugandans and mostly NRM members should ask is; why allow individuals to promote selfish scheming and personal interest within a mass liberation party that has reasonable trust and following of many Ugandans. Why not declare openly one’s political ambition and thus be subjected to open competition instead of resorting to covert manoeuvres?
    If Hon Mbabazi wants to contest for President, what is wrong with it? I too want to contest for President and I have made my intentions open and public. But why disguise his ambition and only work covertly to divide the party? He openly denies his ambition in the public but yet again sponsors proxies to go around campaigning. We all know this and we have seen it in our constituencies. What method of work is this? I find it totally alien to what NRM stood for?

    Open competition is healthy because it’s based on common rules as opposed to clandestine scheming and backstabbing of perceived opponents for selfish gain. When we decided as a country to adopt a multiparty system of political governance, we chose to play the game of group competition and interest. It’s the group (party) interest to work for and protect and not personal interest. We either stick to this principle as NRM or opt otherwise.

    Prof Gilbert B. Bukenya


  2. The Amama Mbabazi’s Family Bad Debts

    Fat Girl, Lenina Rukikaire, aka NINA

    Saddled with a Shs 3.4bn debt, Lenina Rukikaire Mbabazi, daughter of Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi, has appealed to President Museveni for help.

    Lenina borrowed the money on behalf of the National Resistance Movement in June 2010, to facilitate the registration of party delegates.

    According to an April 7, 2014 letter from her lawyers, Akampurira and Partners, to President Museveni, Lenina (who normally shortens her name to Nina), says she borrowed Shs 440 million with the authorisation of President Museveni, as party chairman.

    She got it from money lender Arvind Patel at an interest rate of 15 per cent per month.

    The agreement, according to the lawyers, was to have this money repaid in three months. But no penny has been paid to date. The outstanding debt had shot to Shs 3.4bn as of March 2014, including interest and the principal.

    Through her lawyers, Lenina now wants Museveni to intervene – since he authorised the transaction – before the lender resorts to aggressive recovery action.

    “Our instructions are, therefore, to seek your intervention to ensure that the matter is amicably settled without recourse to other legal means to enforce our clients’ demand,” the letter says.

    Earlier, in an April 4, 2014 letter to her lawyers instructing them to recover the money, jointly signed by Lenina and lender Patel, she said: “During the [NRM] registration programme of its members and delegates, I Lenina Rukikaire borrowed a total of Uganda Shillings Four hundred and forty million (Shs 440,000,000) as principal from Mr Arvind Patel in June 2010. I borrowed it on behalf of the NRM party…

    “This is, therefore, to jointly instruct you to recover on our behalf the principal and the finance charge accrued as of to date at their cost.”

    A senior lawyer who declined to be named said Nina could be personally liable because she holds no formal position in the NRM and there might be no written evidence that she borrowed the money on behalf of the party.

    “If the instructions [from Museveni] were verbal, then the party can say they know nothing about the debt. This leaves Nina in deep trouble,” the lawyer said.

    In June 2010, Nina was contracted by the NRM to computerise and clean up the party register in the run-up to the 2010 primaries and the delegates’ conference. Sources told The Observer that she undertook the exercise under the supervision of an IT consultant, Dr Willams Ddembe, who has since relocated to Ghana.

    Efforts to talk to Nina were futile as her two known phone numbers were off on Monday and Tuesday. Patel, the lender confirmed, in a telephone interview, that he gave Nina the money, which was yet to be repaid. He however, declined to reveal the details of his agreement with her.

    “You can talk to my lawyer about that but we are sorting it out,” Patel said.

    Michael Akampurira, Nina’s lawyer, could not be reached by press time. A lawyer at the firm said he did not have knowledge of the letter because he was not the one who handled it. Amama Mbabazi, Nina’s father and the NRM secretary general, told The Observer on Monday that he could not comment about the matter off hand.

    “I really don’t have any comment now on that one. I will have to find out more,” Mbabazi said after a press briefing at his office.



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