Yoweri Museveni’s Drank Uganda

Yoweri museveni
The one thing that makes me angry is the excess for the few while the majority of Ugandans can barely get any crumb. Today the number-one killer, among Dictator Museveni’s autocracy is binging on food,booze,and tax payers money. Maybe some NRM activists might claim that I’m full of Nnugu, but Wapi silina Nnugu. This sort of excess is giving a bad name to Uganda.

yoweri museveni
The other day I received a phone call from an old neighbour in Nakasero, the elderly lady was crying saying that I should talk to her son a 44 year old; ” Jojo, nkwegayiridde njjagala oyogeleko Nne Mugisha assula anywa omwenge nebbane bayita bba afende-akomawo awunya Kalimbwe”
This love for excess drinking and eating by a few is not building a nation of sober and healthy people, but selfish greedy and pissed characters that can’t focus on reality, but their stomaches.


The love for eating mountains of food is a sign of greed-its not  fair for one person to eat food meant for eight people
That’s why the performance in the work place or on any task by these characters is disgraceful as three quarters of the time they’re either, hungry of nursing hangovers.
Time management with these individuals is foreign as they can’t be at work on time or leave early from work-tasks are never compleated and what you end up are loads of unfinished work resulting in wastage of money.
The Love for alcohol is being passed on to children of NRM criminals-shops are now stocking Baby beers for children-the Dictator last month opened a new Nile Breweries plant in Mbarara, as if this is what the people need the most? why not invest in pharmaceutical,food processing,etc. This nation needs a sober leadership with a viable vision and not a mediocre scumbag that is drank with power.

Joram jojo


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