Why Yoweri Museveni is a Criminal

yoweri Museveni
The greatest achievements that the notorious Ugandan Dictator can proudly boast about[of] in the after-life is the trail of Blood of innocent African people from; Uganda,Rwanda,Democratic Republic of Congo,Central African Republic,Sudan,Somalia and of-course assassinations in Tanzania and Kenya. History will remember him as the greatest War Criminal that never got arrested but was instead worshiped by Western governments as their comrade at arms and a great visionary leader that worked tirelessly to destroy Africa. In-fact, some circles within western capitals have tirelessly lobbied for him to be awarded a Noble Prize award for pacifying Africa.
Yoweri Museveni

The Second Major achievement is the outright theft of public funds-its the most devastating form of corruption the visionary leader has sown in Uganda and exported to Southern Sudan and Somalia.

The autocratic leader has consistently made use of his position to  force himself on Ugandans, by extending his patronage networks-thus, he has bought political support using state apparatus and this has created a culture that relies on corruption to fund his patronage network brand for western cheer leaders in Britain and America.

Yoweri Museveni now

The endemic corruption in Uganda is widespread and seen as the greatest obstacles to the country’s economic development as well as to the provision of quality public services.This is due to failure of separation between the public and private spheres. Thus  leading to extensive clientele practices and patronage, as well as widespread political corruption. Such corruption challenges are exacerbated by a tainted weak law enforcement , which fuels a culture of impunity, particularly with regards to high-ranking officials involved in corruption schemes, because they too love Kitu kidogo(slang for bribe in Uganda) gospel.

Yoweri Museveni

According to my sources in Dictator Museveni’s inner circle; “Mze (Museveni) is a generous contributor to the British conservative party”-the sycophant bragged to me like it was some sort of  gospel he was preaching.

The vice of corruption affects a wide range of sectors and government institutions in Uganda, including procurement, police,the defence, education , health sectors,etc. Thus, public sector corruption is a symptom of failed governance.

Yoweri Museveni photo

Here, I define governance as the norms, traditions and institutions by which power and authority in Uganda is exercised – including the institutions of participation and accountability in governance mechanisms and networks of civil society engagement; the constitutional-legal framework and the nature of accountability relationships among citizens and government; the process by which government is selected, monitored, held accountable and renewed or replaced; and the legitimacy, credibility and efficacy of the institutions that govern political, economic, cultural and social interactions among Ugandans themselves and their government. Thus, corruption has metamorphosed from being largely caused by low salaries in public service and is now caused by greed and outright theft.

yoweri MuseveniI found that competition for government contracts was politically induced, were by Museveni’s inner circles created bureaucratic huddles that strangled faster public services delivery. Thus, they harassed procurement officers to delay or even withhold decisions, unless a bribe was given- officials in the finance and accounts departments delayed or even failed to process payments for service providers until a bribe was paid or promised. Some of the victims of Dictator Museveni’s vice were engineers- in case of construction projects, they failed to issue them a certificate of completion or issued them when the work had not even been completed or started .

Yoweri Museveni

The Mother of all of corruption is known as Kufera(con) -this involves networks of strategically placed public officials who collude to embezzle public funds with impunity .Thus public officials deliberately delay to plan in-time in order to create a crisis and stampede the procurement process-demand for, and payment of, bribes has changed from covert to overt actions. Public officials are openly asking for bribes in exchange for services while the clients are openly paying without complaining.

Yoweri Museveni

To my amusement, I found that officials with protestant religious affiliation were likely to be more corrupt than other religious affiliations. However, this should not be taken on face value as the autocracy has mastered the art of moonlighting in all Uganda circles from road cleaner, to the national Mufti. No one is immune in Museveni’s autocracy as the infection is very contagious. The only way Uganda can overcome the malaise of endemic corruption, is by regime change and nothing less.

Next-time, I revisit the killing fields of War Criminal Yoweri Museveni.

Joram Jojo


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