Yoweri Museveni on Ugandans

Yoweri Museveni (35)

Today I’ve been successful at executing my project with no hussle. I gave the Baganda overdose by blinding them with a useless Kingdom-Abaganda Nkabatera Jabu. When their Askari wake-up and do Manyanga, I invite Mutebi to my palace for a feast of Nswa(White ants) and Tonto(bbiya)-then later we play matatu.
The Other tribes:
Banyankore especially those little toads known as Bairu will never tell me what to do-the baganda have a word for them, endongo. That’s why it has been my policy to impoverish them. In fact,the Bahororo are more obedient to me than those Little toads. I’ve managed to create a situation were Bahororo are made to feel guilty-Ask them why they are guilty and for what?? They know what they have done!

Now for those empty headed Basoga, it was also my policy to harvest jiggers in their useless Kingdom-can you imagine that thick Kyabazinga, that fools call his royal highness. He knows that the moment he stops jiggers from breeding, he will immediately be arrested for sabotaging government programs. That’s why all Basoga Politicians, Elite, Business people, religious, etc. have not sabotaged my jigger investment.
I’ve managed to tame that woman with a big head,Rebecca Kadaga- she has a big mouth that can be used to disseminate my vision to the world.Though sometime I ponder how to fuck her,like the baganda say, nginoonya nayee sijilaba.

For Banyoro, uhh..can you imagine those chimpanzees seated on a fortune and me the son of Kayibanda takes it away when they’re all looking.

Next week I will tell you more……..


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